School of Skills Developments in Hospitality (SSDH), founded in 2010 at Gurgaon, is a pioneer institute for skilling and creating world class professions for the hospitality sector – one of the fastest growing and much in demand industry of present times.

Established, managed and run by well qualified and experienced professionals from the hospitality sector, backed by a team of dedicated staff, and equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities, SSDH strives to transform the budding professionals for great careers ahead.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified hospitality school, SSDH is recognized and accredited with various Government councils and confederations, besides having partnerships with International Universities and Associations, thus helping students acquire skills and also get employment in the best of companies.

SSDH offers its numerous programs in hospitality through the following two modes :

1) Students can take admission in (i) 3 Year Integrated Program in Hospitality, (ii) Skill Certificate Courses, and (iii) Specialized Programs

2) Corporate Houses can implement their CSR initiatives through SSDH’s various Skill Development Programs in Hospitality


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